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Federal agents: Baltimore cop stole while on task force sting

A police officer, who served on the Baltimore police force for a dozen years, was arrested while taking part in a fake FBI sting set up in a Maryland hotel room. The arrest culminated a seven-month investigation into complaints about the veteran's behavior, conducted by an internal affairs detective who also worked for an FBI corruption task force.

Professor: Charges for federal crimes in Gray case unlikely

The U.S. Department of Justice was invited to examine the practices of the Baltimore Police Department late year. Federal agents were called after the city paid numerous legal settlements in cases of alleged police misconduct, like wrongful arrests and the unreasonable use of force.

Baltimore man awarded millions in civil claim against police

Defendants wrongly accused of crimes can suffer consequences reserved for criminals. A 51-year-old Maryland man recently won a $2.3 million civil judgment against a trio of Baltimore police officers and the city's ex-mayor. The man had been dubbed the "Charles Village Rapist" for 2008 sexual assaults DNA evidence showed he did not commit.

Meth convictions can happen, even in Maryland

Some reports say that meth is not a big problem in the state of Maryland. In fact, Justice.gov places every aspect of methamphetamine in the low-risk category from possession to manufacturing to abuse. This tidbit might make the few who do dally with the substance complacent, and that could turn out to be a catastrophic error in judgment.

As a parent, do I need a criminal defense attorney?

This is an excellent issue for parents of teens to consider. No one wants to think about his or her older children getting into trouble with the law, but taking a preventive approach is not a bad idea. In the modern world, teens have more exposure to questionable activities and good judgment can often go only so far in keeping them protected. Peer pressure can also make an impact on your child's potential to get into trouble with the law.

What to know about assault and battery charges

Charges of assault and battery often confuse people. While the two are similar, the charges can mean different things depending upon the circumstances of the alleged incident. As with all criminal charges, one of the biggest favors defendants can do for themselves is to learn about the specifics of the charges against them. Here are a few important yet basic things to know about assault and battery.

What can I expect if charged with a crime in federal court?

Facing a federal criminal trial is particularly frightening for defendants, but you can lessen your anxiety by becoming familiar with the process. Typically, your criminal defense attorney will fill you in on the details of your particular case, but in the meantime, here is a brief outline of what you can expect when appearing in court for federal crimes.

Fighting theft charges in the Prince Georges County area

Theft, burglary or larceny charges can involve comparatively minor shoplifting incidents to big business corporate stealing or trafficking stolen goods. It is probably safe to say most people charged with theft in the Clinton or Dunkirk area of Maryland fall somewhere in between the two extremes previously mentioned. However, any charge of theft or burglary is still a serious incident and could pose real threats to a person's future if not dealt with.

What the federal law says about child pornography

Most everyone will agree that the exploitation of children is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. However, regardless of the circumstances, some people find themselves facing these kinds of charges. Child pornography falls under the exploitation umbrella and the federal government takes a harsh view of any alleged pornography involving children.

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