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Repeat DUI offender violations explained

Have you been slapped with charges saying you are a repeat DUI offender? If so, you might want to pay attention. In Maryland, law enforcement can indeed charge you as a repeat offender, but only if your case meets certain criteria. If it has, then you might wonder what you can expect in the way of penalties. Here is what you need to know about repeat offender violations in the state of Maryland.

Can an app determine if you might be driving while intoxicated?

Technology seems to breed even more technology as is the case with Smartphones and the various apps available for quick download. Several tech companies are now attempting to address drunk driving by providing consumers with an app to measure their breath for alcohol content. Breathalyzer apps are not new on the tech markets, but they are gaining more and more attention as people attempt to use them to avoid drunk driving charges.

Maryland Bishop remains jailed after judge declines to lower bail

The story of the alleged drunk driving death that landed Maryland's first female bishop in jail has made headlines across the nation. The accident took place on Dec. 27 and resulted in the death of a 41-year-old father. Reports indicate the bishop fled the scene of the accident and remained away for 30 minutes before returning. The bishop also has a prior DUI conviction from 2010.

What you should know about DUI charges before you're stopped

A DUI conviction can cause all kinds of problems for a defendant. You could lose your license, face jail time and even have to pay stiff fines. While it can sometimes be rather difficult to get DUI charges dismissed, it might surprise you to know that that are some legal routes you can take that might just make a dismissal of charges possible.

Questions to ask when forming a DUI defense

A DUI charge may be more serious than you realized in Maryland. Did you know that you could get both fines and jail time, and that the penalties go up the more DUI convictions you have on your record? Did you know that your license could also be taken away from you?

Maryland State Police cracking down on drunk drivers in Frederick

This holiday season, the Maryland State Police implemented a new program called Project Save Our Loved Ones. The program is aimed at catching people who have gotten behind the wheel while under the influence. It also seeks to cut down underage alcohol consumption.

Prince George's County officer suspended for DUI

In a reminder that no one is above the law, a Prince George's County police officer is facing criminal charges and has been suspended from the force. The officer crashed his cruiser into a jersey barrier while off-duty and allegedly was driving under the influence of alcohol. We always assume that the police are above scrutiny, but as this case shows, there are always valid concerns.

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