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Maryland woman repaid employer before fraud conviction

Documents showing an illegal money trail provide Maryland prosecutors with evidence to support allegations of non-violent financial crimes. Unusual transactions aren't always proof someone has committed fraud. Sometimes, the transactions or the prosecutors' interpretation of the way money is shifted is due to human error -- sometimes not.

About intellectual property theft and copyright infringement

Intellectual property theft is a punishable offense in all of the United States, but this realm of white collar crime remains somewhat muddled in many cases. Intellectual property falls into a massive range of topics from copyrights to written works to art to music. For this reason, it can be difficult to list any specific penalties associated with such charges as the penalties will depend largely upon the severity, type and nature of any alleged theft.

What you should know about embezzlement

Embezzlement is typically known as a white collar crime that is considered in most states as the theft or larceny of assets. These assets can be money or property. Embezzlement usually occurs in an employment or corporate setting and this theft is generally performed by a trusted person in the company who has responsibility over the assets or property.

'Crazy Eddie' mastermind helps prosecution with criminal charges

When you think of white collar crime, your first thought may go to the infamous Bernie Madoff, an investment broker and stock trader who was convicted back in 2001 for what is considered the largest Ponzi scheme in United States history. Madoff reportedly bilked billions of dollars from his clients in an elaborate financial con and was eventually sentenced to 150 years in prison after he was convicted.

The differences between pyramid and Ponzi schemes

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are two types of investment fraud. They are both similar in that they often promise investors a way to make money, but in reality, these schemes involve paying members who have been participating the longest with the money that is brought in by new investors. Both Ponzi and pyramid schemes are illegal and are generally considered to be white collar crimes.

How the federal government looks at white collar criminal charges

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is often involved in cases of white collar crime. Past cases that they have worked on include the one involving the energy and commodities company Enron.

What is the definition of a Ponzi scheme?

Charles Ponzi is the man behind the term Ponzi scheme. During the 1920s, he convinced thousands of New Englanders to invest in a scheme involving postage stamps. He promised those investors a 50 percent return on their money in only three months. He eventually had to use the money provided by new investors to pay the older investors.

Silk Road case began with Maryland indictment

An indictment filed inside a Maryland courthouse led to the arrest of the 29-year-old man allegedly behind the Silk Road, the notorious online marketplace where buyers could obtain illegal drugs and hacked credit card numbers. The only way to pay for their purchases was with the digital currency Bitcoin.

Maryland woman pleads guilty to tax fraud criminal charges

A Maryland woman has pleaded guilty to formal allegations that she was involved in a local tax fraud scheme. The woman decided to plead guilty to the criminal charges after she was indicted in June with another defendant. That woman was an employee of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The defendant in this case could spend up to a decade in prison, and she could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in criminal fines.

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