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What is a plea bargain and why would you use one?

A plea bargain is a tactic that the authorities use to keep trials from getting to court. The advantage for the government is that the process is faster and cheaper when settling criminal charges this way.

In the plea bargain, the defendant has to plead guilty to at least one charge and perhaps more. This will usually be a lesser charge than the person would have faced if the case had gone to trial.

Do you understand the details of an aggravated DUI?

It's easy to believe that one type of DUI is the same as the rest, but this is not exactly true.

As you know, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can carry a severe penalty, including a large fine and/or time in jail. However, things can get even worse in the event of a conviction for an aggravated DUI.

Woman charged with GoFundMe fraud

After a homicide in Maryland, a woman opened up a GoFundMe campaign that was intended to help the family of the victim. However, she is now facing first-degree fraud charges after allegations that she kept some of the money for herself.

Technically, the report claims that police said she "intentionally withheld collected proceeds from the account." They do not indicate if she kept all of the money that was raised or if she only kept a portion, while passing the rest on to the family.

Penalties issued for failing to take a breath test in Maryland

If you have ever been stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence in Maryland, you likely know that it's best to submit to a breath test. Failure to submit to a breath test can make matters much worse for your situation. Today, we will discuss the penalties issued for failing to take a breath test in Maryland.

The law of implied consent in Maryland says that if you are ever pulled over driving while intoxicated, and the officer had probable cause for the traffic stop, you then consent submit to a blood, breath or urine test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). This test, whichever is administered, must be done so soon after the last time you were driving so that you do not sober up first.

Man charged with illegally boarding aircraft may not do jail time

This past May, a 43-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly drove his vehicle through a fence at the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore, Maryland. According to the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA), the man then drove through what was a secure area and went onboard a plane that was unoccupied. He was carrying a backpack when he boarded the small plane, although police said there was noting suspicious inside.

The man was charged with three airport offenses and two misdemeanors; however, a spokeswoman for the state's attorney office said that the man may be admitted into a diversion program.

What’s the best assault and battery defense strategy?

If you find yourself in the middle of an assault and battery case, it goes without saying that you need to implement a defense strategy that will help you avoid the most serious punishment.

There's no way of knowing what will happen in court, but the right defense strategy can put you in better position to avoid a conviction.

What is the crime of embezzlement?

Embezzlement is considered under the law as a type of theft that can occur in corporate and other business environments. It can often be difficult to detect because it is usually not physical property that is being stolen. It might be the transfer of funds between bank accounts or the reallocation of stocks and shares. However, it is a very serious crime that can result in imprisonment.

Lawful access, unlawful use

What are some examples of forgery?

Individual charged with having committed forgery is likely to have been accused of having made modifications to or unlawfully signing someone else's name to some type of document. Documents most apt to be altered include identification cards or driver's licenses, checks, contracts, legal forms or certificates.

Forgery is considered a crime in that individuals use these unauthorized signatures or falsified documents to illegally obtain something of value, all the while with the intention of deceiving another. Forgery is often a crime that is not prosecuted by itself, but instead together with other crimes such as larceny or fraud.

Affirmative defenses: What should you know?

If you've been charged with a crime, you ultimately have to decide if you're going to plead guilty or fight the charges.

If you decide to fight the charges and ask for a trial, you then have to decide -- along with your attorney -- what type of defense you should offer.

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