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A 25-year-old woman sets fire to her mother's Upper Marlboro home

A 25-year-old Upper Marlboro woman was arrested and charged with both first- and second-degree malicious burning and arson after attempting to set her mother's mobile home ablaze early on the morning of Oct. 29.

Dispatchers with the Prince George's County Police Department first started receiving calls about a fire at a mobile home park along Marlboro Pike shortly before 1 a.m. Of the two calls they received, the first was to report property damage. The caller on the second call reported a fire.

Do you have the right to refuse warrantless searches?

Maryland residents can avoid arrest on drug charges in some cases. At least, by exercising their rights under the law, they can limit warrantless police access to their home and property.

However, to exercise your rights, you must first understand what they are -- and their limitations. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), this is what every individual in the United States should know about their rights during searches by police.

Pro poker player facing federal drug charges

A professional poker player has another source of income, according to prosecutors -- distributing significant amounts of marijuana from Long Island, New York, down the coast to the Baltimore area and as far as Virginia. As of Oct. 1, he's facing federal charges for distributing at least 100 kilograms of marijuana around Baltimore.

Micah Raskin, who reportedly has earned nearly $2 million in his worldwide tournament play over the years, was already looking at up to eight years behind bars on drug and weapons charges after his arrest this February in Long Island.

Witnesses, subjects and targets of federal investigations

There are basically three types of people -- aside from the investigators themselves -- who end up involved in a federal investigation: witnesses, subjects and targets.

Frankly, you should be concerned if you're any of the three, because your status could change in a moment if you happen to say or do the wrong thing. However, knowing what your current status in a federal investigation can help you understand exactly what you're up against.

All about the ignition interlock device

If you have ever heard about the ignition interlock device, it's likely because you have been charged with driving under the influence. This device, most simply put, is one that stops a vehicle from turning on if the driver has been drinking alcohol. It is typically issued by the court for drivers who have had multiple offenses related to drunk driving. Let's take a look at the ignition interlock device.

Drivers who have been issued this device are required to blow into it before they can start their vehicle. The vehicle cannot be started without an initial breath test. If the driver blows a clean sample of air into the device, then the vehicle will be able to start.

A Temple Hills man is booked on murder charges for killing a teen

A 22-year-old Temple Hills man was taken into custody by Prince George's County police officers on Sept. 5 for his alleged involvement in killing a 16-year-old Montgomery County boy during the previous month. He's currently facing both first- and second-degree murder charges related to the slaying.

Police found the victim on Aug. 6 in a Hyattsville parking lot located near 6700 New Hampshire Avenue. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene, the young man had already expired after having been shot multiple times. It's unclear whether he had any connection to the area in which he was shot.

Allegedly 'suspicious' behavior ends in man's drug arrest

Sheriff's deputies in Wicomico County claim that they saw a man acting suspiciously in the parking lot of a Royal Farms store late last month. The alleged suspicious behavior led to police approaching the man -- a 39-year-old from Salisbury -- and questioning him. This, in turn, resulted in his arrest.

The arresting officer says that the man was slapping the ground in front of the Royal Farms store along Royal Boulevard. When the deputy approached him, the man allegedly claimed that he had been locked out of his vehicle. The deputy then proceeded to assist the man in gaining access to the interior of the car by unlocking the door via an open window.

A former Prince George's councilman is convicted of bribery

A 60-year-old former Maryland Prince George's councilman was sentenced to a 48-month federal prison term on Tuesday, Sept. 4. He'd previously been charged with both bribery and conspiracy for agreeing to accept money in exchange for agreeing to vote in favor of the sale of alcohol on Sundays in Prince George's County.

Evidence presented in court by prosecutors showed that the Prince George's County Council member may have received as much as $15,000 cash from lobbyists, liquor board commissioners and store owners to motivate him to pass the bill. Ultimately, he gave his go-ahead on at least two bills over the course of several years. By him doing so, it paved the way for liquor to be sold in the county on Sundays.

How does money laundering work?

Money laundering is the process criminal organizations use to make the proceeds from illegal transactions ("dirty money") appear to be legitimate, or "clean." It's done so that criminals can use the proceeds of their crimes without attracting undue attention from the authorities.

There are dozens of different types of money laundering schemes, but there are three essential steps to almost any plan:

  1. Placement: Where the funds are moved from the source and put into circulation
  2. Layering: Where money and assets are redirected several times in order to make tracing harder
  3. Integration: Where money finally enters the financial system and appears to be legally obtained

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