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Feds to try Prince George's and Montgomery county robbery cases

Prosecutors in both Prince George's and Montgomery counties have decided to drop armed robbery charges that they had filed against three area residents. In doing so, their cases will instead be consolidated and tried in federal court.

Among the three defendants, there are two men from Upper Marlboro. One is 19 and the other is 21. The third is a 19-year-old District Heights resident. Each is charged with having carried out a string of robberies in the two counties starting in late December and ending in early January.

Conspiracy, bribery, mail and wire fraud lead to federal charges

Several Maryland millionaires cavalierly referred to the money they scammed away from both individuals and corporate entities as "OPM," or "Other People's Money."They treated OPM somewhat like it was Monopoly money instead -- using it to fund their opulent dwellings and lavish lifestyles, plus a few well-place bribes among public officials, until the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) lowered the boom on them. They are charged with multiple conspiracies, bribes and wire fraud, among other charges. A number of others were also swept up in the arrests and there's likely to be more arrests as investigators dig deeper into the private financial records they kept.

Finding ways to manipulate and use other people's money for personal gain is often the very heart and soul of white collar crimes -- although most people aren't blatant enough to turn their criminal activity into a private joke.

District of Columbia Commissioner charged with assault

The Glenarden Police Department reports that a representative with the District of Columbia Advisory Neighborhood Commission was arrested and charged with assault the afternoon of Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Officers were dispatched to a Wegman's grocery store located on the 9000 block of McHugh Drive around 1:30 p.m., after the commissioner's girlfriend had called 911 to report that she had been both punched and bitten by the man.

In conducting an interview with the victim in this case, police were able to determine that the woman had been allegedly punched in her chest during a heated argument with her boyfriend. After being struck, the woman maintains that she grabbed the commissioner by the hair. This caused him to bite her hand. Her wound began bleeding as a result.

Answer these questions about your DUI arrest

A DUI arrest has the potential to bring a lot of stress to your life. On top of this, if convicted, it could alter your life in many ways.

Since your future is in jeopardy, it's important to address the right questions at the right time. Taking this approach will ensure that you understand your situation and your legal rights:

A man convicted of killing 5 in a DUI accident is captured

A man who was set to be sentenced on Friday, May 12, 2017 in a drunk driving case was captured the following Monday in Suitland at an Allentown Road hotel. During the short time he was on the lam, Prince George's County Sheriff's Office deputies were able to distribute wanted posters for the man throughout the entire D.C. metro tri-state area.

While on the run, law enforcement was able to learn from his affiliates that he intended to leave the D.C. area. A significant debate emerged between the prosecution and defense as to why the man was not able to be tracked down using the GPS monitoring device he had previously been equipped with.

What do you know about open container laws?

When it comes to alcohol related crimes, it's not uncommon to run into some gray area. For example, you may assume that it's okay to walk down your street with a beer in hand. While this may be acceptable in some states and communities, others consider it a violation of the law.

In short, open container laws are in place to:

Another Prince Georges County teacher is arrested for child porn

A 34-year-old long-term substitute teacher with the Public School System of Prince George's County was arrested and charged with both possession and distribution of child pornography on Thursday, April 20, 2017. His arrest came at the end of an execution of a search warrant of the man's home in Capitol Heights and an interview with the defendant later that same day.

During the execution of the search warrant, state police investigators located a number of electronic devices that appeared to contain images of children. They were reportedly all engaged in acts that were sexually explicit in nature.

Do you understand the details of mortgage fraud?

Mortgage fraud consists of many types of schemes, all of which involve some type of misstatement associated with mortgage documents or the buying/selling process.

For example, a homebuyer may use false or altered financial statements to improve their chance of receiving a mortgage.

Probable cause is not the same as reasonable suspicion

To be arrested on DUI charges, the police generally need to have both probable cause and reasonable suspicion. Though these are similar, they are not the same. Typically, reasonable suspicion is involved in the initial traffic stop, while probable cause leads to the arrest. You can have one without the other.

A good way to think of it is by noting that reasonable suspicion just means the officer thinks you might have done something wrong. That can be reason enough to pull you over, but not to arrest you. Probable cause means the officer has some sort of evidence. While nothing has been proven yet, he or she thinks you most likely broke the law.

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